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    Hello !

    Is Raspberry zero compatible with PulseStation ?

    Best rgds

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    It looks like it will probably work, but keep in mind following things:
    – If you want to control z-wave, enocean or anything else that needs a USB dongle, you will need to have a connector from micro usb to usb.
    – The device is very slow, so do not run a lot of PulseStation services on it. The basics should work, just don’t overload it.
    – Use the queuing system, commands may not get executed right away, but once the system has resources available

    It should work, but quite slow, don’t overload it.
    I would not buy it myself, but rather a really good raspberry pi (newer model) that is definitely fast and will last for several years.

    Kind regards,


    Ok, that’s what I thought.
    It’s more safe to take the Raspberry V2.


3 sujets de 1 à 3 (sur un total de 3)
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