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    I’ve tried to add MultiSensor from Aeon Labs to my pulse station but I think it’s not supported right now. There is no configuration for it in web/PulseStation/services/zwave/config/aeon_labs.
    I’ve added similar line: to same file on my NAS and added file to my aeon_labs directory but nothing changed.

    The device is somehow useable as i can get luminance, humidity and temperature but I can not set any properties on this device like set intervals between readings.
    My zwcfg.xml for it looks like this:

    Can I handle this case somehow by myself or I have to wait for zwave service update?
    I was thinking about compiling new web/PulseStation/services/zwave/zwave file. But I’m not sure if this could help.


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    Mika is the expert on this, but you could join our beta testing program.
    That one is currently testing the new openzwave version.

    If it’s supported by openzwave, it should work right away in PulseStation.
    Might save you a lot of time trying to fix it yourself 😉

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    That’s a good information 🙂
    Let me know how can I join beta testing.


    Where can I find a list of all supported devices?

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    @qlik, I updated the zwave service for the beta tester with the last version of OpenZwave.
    I’ll send you a mail (this week) so you can join the beta tester group and test the service.

    You can find all the current supported devices under : web/PulseStation/services/zwave/config
    As I just said, I’m busy with the upgrade of the OpenZwave library, before release it I want to be sure that there are no side effects…Release coming soon…


5 sujets de 1 à 5 (sur un total de 5)
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