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    I have the Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212. PulseStation does not correctly identify it. Could you please provide support?

    When I look at the files in the folder \PulseStation\services\zwave\config\Fibaro the device cannot be found. But there is a config file for the Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-221 and FGS-211. I bet these two are very similar to the one I have. Can I somehow deal with this by myself?


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    These files come from the OpenZwave library.
    If you want eventually add the corresponding files before the next update of the service, you can consult the source code of the openzwave library and add the files (if they exist) manually.
    Then restart the zwave service (maybe clear the config file before)



    I cant’t find the information : which version of OpenZWave is used in each version of PulseStation ?
    I think that this information is useful at each PulseStation release (in the changelog).

    Particularly, I don’t know if the Nodon Octan switch (which is integrated since end of august in Openzwave) is supported in PulseStation.

    Thanks for the ood job, however !

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    You can find the version of OpenZwave in the log file.
    THis is the first row. But I dont think that this version change with every release.

    I’ll do a new release of the zwave service next week. The version of the openzwave lib will be from the month of september.


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