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    I’ve added the module Virtual Devices to my PulseStation.

    I’m able to add any number of virtual devices.

    When I edit any device and click “OK” nothing is saved. When I re-edit the device, all my changes are gone.

    If I try to delete any virtual device I’m getting a spinning arrow for a few seconds and then nothing happens.

    I’m running PulseStation 1.2.1, Core 1.0.2, Virtual Device 1.0.3 on a Synology with DSM 5.2-5592.

    Thank you!


    I forgot to say…

    I’m trying to setup a “LOV” device. Values in the “General” tab are saved, but none of the “Properties” tab are.

    Thank you!

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    Check if you have installed MariaDB.


    Great, that was it! Thank you!

    All my Z-Wave/Imperihome was working without MariaDB!

    I would suggest a validation, a warning or something to let user know that there’s a dependency…

    Thank you again!

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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