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    Impossible de voir apparaître les infos météo de la ville (Lille)
    Aucune info ne remonte :/
    Je peux avoir des longs quelque part là dessus?

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    Pour ma part, j’ai rentré “Lille” et j’ai des données.

    Peut être pouvez vous essayer “Lille, France” et voir…Il faut attendre aussi un petit peu que le service rafraichisse les données…


    J’ai le même problème. Y a t’il un fichier de logs quelque part pour voir les échanges avec le webservice yahoo ?

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    Veuillez vérifier si MariaDB est installé.



    I use Yahoo weather for about 3 months, and since about one week, it doesn’t work well.
    I have tried to put different towns, but It doesn’t give me correct parameters when I compare with Yahoo weather on Internet.
    All parameters are correct only a few minute in the admin mode, and after that, they all change..

    I have removed Yahoo Service, deleted my parameters, done a new installation of Pulse Station… But there is still the problem.

    Am I alone in this situation ?



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    It’s the first we hear about this issue.
    The only know cause of yahoo weather is when:
    – MariaDB password has changed
    – MariaDB cannot be reached

    If you are 100% certain both are correct, we will need to look on your system to find the cause of this.
    You could try starting the core as root and disable all other services but yahoo weather.
    This will allow you to see all detail logs.

    Kind regards,


    I have had similar issues, Yahoo Weather stopped working last week. I uninstalled the service, deleted the .json file in web/PulseStation/data and re-installed the service. After that, it was good again.



    Still problems with yahoo weather….
    Wrong temperature, wrong sunset and sunrise…. It still moves… never the same values betwen the admin panel, in ImperiHome, and the dashboard…
    If you open the service panel, it gives you a new value…
    Can someone try with “Riom” town ?
    If you put “Riom, france” or “Riom” or “France, riom”, etc.. it will never be the right values.
    And if you go to yahoo weather on the net, you’ll see that this is never the same values…

    But today I have a new problem..Yahoo weather can’t give me the sunset value in blocky.
    I have a blocky rule to manage my shutters… and they don’t move this evening..
    So I remove all about PulseStation on my NAS, and install back all services.
    I put back Yahoo weather, etc.. And it’s the same issue… All the values are strange.

    I was used to do that since 3 months, with no problem.. but I can’t see what I have changed..

    Thx to help me 😉


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    Maybe you can try another city just to see if it’s linked to the city.
    Maybe he didnt find the city…

9 sujets de 1 à 9 (sur un total de 9)
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