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    I own a Synology 1815+ and bought an Aeon Z-Wave Stick.
    After installing the Z-wave Service from the Shop where are no properties displayed.

    In the WebDeveloper Tools i see that this file cannot be found:
    I took a look via SSH – this file is not there!

    Also after reinstall it is missing.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    Christian Holzmann

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    If it’s the first time you plugin the usb key, reboot your synology.
    After that, inside the pulsestation administration, go to services/zwave and select the port.
    Then wait for 1 minute and see in the log (button) whether it can connect to your usb key.

    Kind regards,


    Hi, I have a Nass Synology and i bought a Z-Wave + to rulle a fibaro wall plug.

    But whan i put the z-wave key on a usb of the nass, i can’t see the z-wave key and in can’t see the fibaro.

    In “Services/Zwave, in controler demands, i put “add device” and nothing …………

    Have you an idea ?

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    Please create your own topic for specific questions concerning your own installation 😉

    Can you give me the top 20 lines of the zwave service log?

    You can also see whether the usb key is detected by following this:

    Kind regards,

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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