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    I have a Zwave plus (I gess) Aeon labs S2 stick and Fibaro devices (plugs and roller shutter, smoke sensor).
    I’ve created my network by pair device by device directly with the key button on the stick.
    But now I want to secure the Zwave network by setting a network-key in PulseStation.
    The thing is that:
    1- I’m not sure that my devices are compatible with this crypting option, can’t find clear info about that.
    2- I saw somewhere that to enable network-key, I have to build the zwave network with the key form the start! this mean remove all devices, and then re-include them. Is that right?

    I’m not going to do that if my devices are not compatible…
    And if thoses are compatible, I’d like to know if I can re-include device 1 by 1, or if I have to remove all devices, then re-include all?

    Miss Laura
    Miss Laura

    In my home all devices support the zwave security key.
    I think it’s not used if the device doesn’t support it.
    Should be backwards compatible.

    I also added the key only after I added the devices and it seems to work fine.
    From the devices you mention, only the smoke sensor for sure uses this security key.
    The other devices I do not know.

    Have fun,


    To test, I although added a network-key after included all devices.
    I even put a wrong format network-key, and all worked perfectly with that wrong network-key, until I try to restart zwave service.
    That’s why I think the network-key is only taken at service start, and I think that only devices added with that active key are ciphered.
    I’ve found this
    but with my poor zwave protocol knowledge and english level, I’m not sure.

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