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    I have this issue since a long time but since pulsestation seems to work I didn’t report it.
    in Zwave service in the “serial port” I get :”dev/ttyUSB0 (premissions problem!)”.
    I can’t figure what does it mean.
    I just upgraded for DSM 5.2 to DSM6 last update, and reinstalled jumbotroll USBserial drivers (because after DSM6 install ttyUSB0, was missing).
    the problem remain after this upgrade.
    Any idea?

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    Does zwave itself work? Can you control your devices?

    Because if that works, you can ignore this error.
    If it bothers you, contact us on live chat, so we can take a look.

    Kind regards,


    Zwave worked with DSM 5.2 but with DSM 6.0 it did not.
    I’ve removed USB serial drivers, uninstalled PulseStation.
    Then I reinstalled PulseStation. this time serial drivers included in PulseStaion have been installed and ttyUSB0 is now OK, and I can command my Zwave devices. I restored my backup.
    But my old issue with scenes that are not working is back 🙁 .

    Miss LauraMiss Laura

    Can you provide more details then just “not working”?

    Do you get an error message, are they not executed, is the service running, what happens if you run them via ssh?


    Have fun,


    Can run ssh commands for now.
    scene service is “up”, logs are running:
    2016-05-17 15:53:01 Periodic : Start
    2016-05-17 15:53:02 Periodic : End
    2016-05-17 15:54:00 Periodic : Start
    2016-05-17 15:54:01 Periodic : End
    But my scenes are doing nothing: no command of zwave devices.
    My scenes have been restored through backup/restore, after my un-install, re-install.

    Miss LauraMiss Laura

    Ok, we will have to take a look on your computer.
    Can you contact us via live chat?

    Fyi: Your order in our store couldn’t be delivered, are you getting our emails with tracking information about your order?
    It’s been delivered in a local office nearby.

    Have fun,


    I can’t acces to my zwave for the moment, because I take the Aeon stick to pair it with roller shutters that I’ve just pick up at the post office 🙂 .

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