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    Has this been rectified yet… its been over a year, and I have NOT been able to uninstall it or use my PORT 80 for web hosting due to this application hogging it for no reason!

    This should have been fixed by now! I can’t believe that the application is STILL available on the app centre for others to download still and mess their NAS up!

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    en réponse à : Empty Services directory & failed DB connection #4236

    I have similar on DS1813+

    Error : ERR-004
    The core service is not running. Click on the following link to start the application=

    Run the application

    When I click on the “Run the application” link

    Page loads but is very broken and has nothing on it apart from a button called “Rooms” which has a drop down menu with only “All” on it which also does nothing.

    Really annoying as what is advertised by this application looks really amazing shame it doesn’t work out of the box 🙁

    Can this be rectified? I have sensitive data on my NAS so giving a developer on your end root access to the NAS is simply out of the question is there a way that you can “simply” compile a version of the spk that rectifies this issues?

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