NodOn Soft Remote

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Colourful and compact NodOn Soft Remote for a clever and versatile Z-Wave Control

The Z-Wave Plus NodOn® Soft Remote is a four-button wireless remote giving you control over connected Z-Wave devices in your Z-Wave Home Automation Network.

The NodOn Soft Remote is not only a smart controller, but is also compact and lightweight, making it one of the easiest and most convenient tools to control all connected Z-Wave devices in your home wirelessly.

The Nodon Soft Remote can directly control any compatible Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus device. It can also trigger scenes through a compatible Home Automation-Interface/Gateway.

  • Activate devices or entire scenes
  • Colorful LED which helps you during your actions.
  • Power supply: CR2032 battery – 1.5 to 2 years lifetime
  • 4 Buttons
  • Embedded magnet for metallic surface sticking
  • Spill and shock resistant
  • Radio protocol Z-Wave®: 868.4MHz – 500 Series – Compliant Z-Wave Plus®
  • Range: 40m indoor / 80m outdoor
  • Dimensions: 56*56*20mm