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The Z-Wave.Me Remote (ZW FB 10) controls Z-Wave actuators such as dimmers, switches, thermostats or motor controls for blinds, jalousies, ….
The device has 10 pair of buttons which are illuminated by a blue light when operated.
These allow to control of up to 10 control groups (either association groups or scenes).
Devices can be turned on and off; dimmers and motor controls can also be set to a desired dimming level or motor position by keeping a button pushed until set.
The device can be used in different modes:
1. Direct control of associated devices;
2. Control of all devices in the Z-Wave network;
3. Simple and enhanced scene activation (not possible to set via PulseStation)

We recommend buying the Nodon remotes, since they do support all PulseStation functionalities, like controlling scenes.
This device is mainly good as backup.
Eg: if your domotica would ever be down, you can still control your lights.


  • 868.4 MHz radio frequency
  • LED indicator light
  • Control up to 10 Z-Wave devices via 10 pairs of buttons
  • Supports on/off control for switched devices, dim/brighten control for lighting and up/down control for motorised devices
  • See the current status of a device (on/off)

Note: You can not start PulseStation scenes or trigger rules. We’ll see whether we can add this.

What can it do / How to use it?
1) I can see the device inside PulseStation. I have added it by: PulseStation services / z-wave / controller commands / add device Once PulseStation it’s listening for devices, hold the Include button of the remote for 2 seconds.
2) I can link the 10 on / status / off group buttons to individual devices. I first press 3 times quickly the up button on the remote, so that the light keeps flashing. Then I put the device I want to control into the include mode.
Fibaro: press 3 times very quickly the on/off button Swiid: press for 1 or 2 seconds the small white button at the back

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