Yahoo weather update: read this

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After almost 2 months of development in my evenings, I finally finished my Pulse-Station package build-script.
This means I can now build packages for 36 different devices (synology has a lot of models) with a single command.

It still takes some time, as I still need to copy the new files in 36 new directories, but at least the build script is automated.

However, a small warning:

I will launch a new yahoo weather package this week.
It includes the forecast for +/- 12 days to come, so you can really display the weather nicely and base your house heating on the temperature ahead.
This is a big rewrite of the original package.
As a consequence, it will break Imperihome (and maybe some scenes) if you do not follow this easy step:
1) Delete all your locations inside the yahoo weather service. Then after it’s empty, restart the yahoo weather service and add them back.

I could write a nice update script, but it would take me more time and you would still need to wait 2 more weeks for other updates…
Thank you for your understanding!