Get an SMS when a stock rises with x%

Inside Pulse-Station you have to package ‘Yahoo finance’. Alert on share price increase

It allows you to:

  • display the evolution of your shares in a graph on your dashboard,
  • set rules to inform you when a share increases or decreases (using blocky).

First of you will want to install the yahoo finance package from the Add-ons, if you haven’t already done this.


Next go into “Services” / “Yahoo finance” and click on the button “Add: Yahoo finance”yahoo-finance-share-warning
A new device will be added to the list below. 

Click on the edit icon next to this device, fill in a name (eg: Apple) and go to the properties tab.






Inside the properties, fill in the 4 character code yahoo finance is using to identify the stocks you want to track,
eg: “AAPL” for Apple.

Now PulseStation will start updating share prices every 5 minutes.
Note: under “Show advanced properties” you can decrease this time, but beware that it puts more load on your hardware refreshing too often. 🙂





If you have the Database service installed correctly, it will start tracking the evolution of your share tracking graph
This means you can create a Graphic for it displaying the evolution of your shares.



Using blocky, you can also trigger rules in case a share / stock price increases or decreases with a certain percentage (using the value Finance.ChangeinPercent) or
get a warning when a share / stock reaches a certain price (using value Finance.quote.Bid).

Blocky scene example for getting a warning when the share price increases or decreases




In case of further questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the forum!