Games, video, audio and fun

  • Use infrared to control your TV
  • Broadcast video on your screens
  • Control you multi-room Audio
  • Pool / Spa
  • Say hi to your girlfriend
  • Have your lights interact with the video games you are playing and feel as if you were in the middle of it.
  • Order food delivery (eg. via SMS, api call, …)
  • Color lights

Comfort & temperature

  • Control the temperature from your phone, even when you are away
  • Close the blinds & shades if the sun is shining inside
  • Depending on the weather forecast, do not heat in the morning
  • Monitor the temperature in every room
  • Pre-heat your house when driving home

Garden & nature

  • Get a notification if your house plants are thirsty
  • Get alerted when your plants are getting too hot or too much direct sunlight
  • Follow up the fertilizer level of your plants
  • Start the lawn sprinklers if it hasn’t rained in a few days. Great when doing the rain dance doesn’t help.
  • Turn on the garden lights in the evening or when motion is detected
  • Turn off electricity when irrigation started
  • Weather based actions
    Example to set this up: buy a Parrot flower power and connect to it via the PulseStation ifttt service.


  • Lights
  • Warn me for leaks
  • Remind me
  • Weather forecast
  • Rain close cover
  • Start spa
  • Color lights