My PulseStation

My PulseStation allows you to access your dashboard anywhere in the world via a single URL:

How it works

  • Create an account on MyPulseStation
    You’ll receive an email (check your spam) with an api key.
  • Install the service “My PulseStation” from within the administration panel.
    Configure it with your email/api key and wait 30 minutes. You have to wait untill the service sent your remote ip to your MyPulseStation’s account.


  • At regular interval your ip is synchronise with your MyPulseStation’s account.
  • Your local data are only synchronised when you connect to MyPulseStation.
  • Data are encrypted.
  • Data are keep 1 hour on the server, after that your data are deleted.

Other functionnalities
We’ve build some scripts/functionnalities that allows you to use some specific features (email triggering, sms triggering, start/stop your services, etc).
Some tuto will come afterwards so you can test it.

There are 2 versions :

  • Free :
    • 15 free days for the Paid version
    • Ads
    • Limited access calls to our scripts
    • Restricted functionnalities
    • Only Dashboard layout
  • Pro (4.99€/year)
    • No Ads
    • Unlimited calls to our scripts
    • No restrictions
    • Standard dashboard + Floor dashboard

How to get a licensed version
Simply order My.Pulse-Station Pro in our store and specify your MyPulseStation email account + API Key.

All comments are welcome via the forum.