Send email executes actions (events via My.PulseStation)

It’s very easy to execute actions in your domotica system by just sending an email to it.
We have a specific “Email To Event” function for this.


How it works:

* Create an account on
* Install and configure the My.PulseStation service inside your PulseStation, with your email address and your API key.
* Create a blockly scene as follows:

(I just added an add log action here, so you can see it in the logs)
* Send an email to from the email you created the account with, with as subject “open lights”
* An event will be triggered with the subject of your email

The core service log:

The scene service log:

If you have an idea about a script, simply send us a mail or post something on the forum.

Note: Inside your My.PulseStation account you can see how many times you triggered the rule.
Every day the counter is reset to 0.