Add a Zwave Device

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For the moment, Pulse Station supports all the devices supported by OpenZwave.
To include a device, you can follow this procedure…

1/ Install the service

Before adding a device to your network, you have to install the Zwave’s service.
To do that, go to “Store” and search for the Zwave’s service.
Click the button on the top right to install it.


Note : This button changes when a new version is available or when the service is installed

2/ Configure the service

Once the service is installed, you have to configure it.
The only property you have to configure is the “Serial Port”.

By default, the value is “/dev/ttyUSB0”.


Check the tuto “How To : Find the serial port” to find the right serial port.

3/ Adding a device

Depending of your controller, you have different possibilities.

For the Zwave ZStick V2 :

You can unplug the controller and put it in “learn mode”
Follow the user guide of your device to include it into the controller.
Once it’s done, plug the dongle again (the service will restart automatically)

Use the “Controller Commands” :
Pulse Station include some commands to directly add or remove a device without unplug the controller.

Go to the zwave service and click on “Controller Commands”, the following popup arrives:


As you can see, you have different kind of commands.

Click on “Add a device”, a command is sent to the controller to put it in learn mode.


Then follow the user guide of your device to include it.
Once it’s done, you will have a message to tell you that your device is correctly included.
If it’s not the case, do this procedure again.


Note : To remove a device, follow the same procedure but click on “Remove Device”.

4/ Configure the properties

Once the device is added, you can configure the properties of your device.
The list of the properties comes from OpenZwave configuration’s files.
Everytime you modify a property, the command is directly send to the controller, no need to “Save”

Note : If your device is a “Wake up device”, the new values will be active once the device is wake up. You can try to force the device to wake up if you want to activate the property directly.

You can modify the general properties of the device on the tab “General” :


You can also modify the properties of the device :


Note : If there are a lot of properties, pagination will be available.