Amazon Echo support: voice control

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You can now control PulseStation using your voice.

This thanks to Amazon Echo (Dot), a voice control device and audio player.

Just log in to, go to your applets and create a new one.

As “This” you select the “Amazon Alexa” service.
It will then ask you to connect your Amazon account so IFTTT, so they can receive commands.

Once you have connected Alexa to IFTTT, you can say which phrase it should listen to.
Eg: watch tv

Next up you need to select the action that should be performed, you do this in the “that” function.
As “that” function, choose for “Make a web request”, using the Maker-Service.

You only need to fill in the url.
A full explanation how to build this url can be found here:
Make certain you use the username and password.

Eg: http://your.external.ip.x:4020/username/password/message?=1|HUB|scene|RUN|Toggle-tv.xml
As method you can choose “GET”.

Next just save your new IFTTT applet and say the command you described in this rule.
Alexa trigger watch tv

Your scene will now be executed. For me it’s only 1 second delay, so quite fast.

Below a picture of one of my rules, just remember to add the username and password: