Create and manage users

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Pulse Station allows you to create multiple users and define for each of them his own dashboard, access, etc.

By default, the user “admin” (password : admin) exists.
We recommend you to change this password the first time you log into the application.

1/ Define a new user
To add a new user, click on the “+” button. It opens a popup with the needed informations.


You can choose to create an Administrator or a User.

The difference between the two is that the administrator has access to the entire site without restrictions.
For the user, you can define which functionalities he has access to via the tab “Access Rights”.

2/ How the access rights work

Generally it concerns the access to a button (save, delete, add, etc) and the access to a menu (specific service, store, update, etc).

For example, we don’t want the user to have access to the menu “Blockly”.
We search in the list “menu-blockly”. Once it’s selected, you have a list with 2 possibilities :

  • Selected : Inactive / Not Selected : Active
  • Selected : Visible / Not Selected : Not Visible

If you select “Inactive”, the user will be redirect to the homepage of the administration.
If you select “Not Visible”, the user will not see the menu item (but the menu will still be active).
If you select both, the menu will not visible and not accessible to the user.


The result when you are connected as the new user :


3/ Define panels for a new user
Maybe once the user is created, you want to add some panels that will be the same as another user.

We built a functionality for the administrators to copy panels from one user to another.

To do that, go to the dashboard menu with your admin user.
You will see on top of the page a list of users. In that list, select the user you just created.

A new button will appear in the box “Manage Panels”.
Click on “Copy data from” and select the source user.

It will copy all the information from the selected user.

At this point you can add/remove/customise the panels for this user.

If the selected user has access to the menu “dashboard”, he may add some panels as well.