Define a panel

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Pulse Station introduce the notion of Panel.
A panel is a module that allow you to display a property of a device.

All of your panels will define your dashboard.

You can define panels for each of your users (eg : The panels for your wife will be different from yours and the panels for your daughters will be different from your wife)

1/ Adding a panel automatically
To simplify the way to add your panel we build in a functionality to generate them automatically.

To do that, simply use the “Generate Panels” button. It will generate all the panels for all your devices. After the panels are generated, you can remove/edit the panels but also add another panel for another property.


Note : If you see that one of your device doesnt have a default panel, feel free to contact us to add it. Pulse Station doesnt need an update to include your panel.

2/ Add a panel manually

Go to the menu “Dashboard” and click on the “+”.

Select the following value in the tab “General” of the popup :

  • Type of Panel : Dependant Value
  • Type of Device : A5-07-01
  • Property : PIR Status


In the tab “Customisation”, you can define the appearance of the panel.
Go to the second page of the properties and set the value “config.values[0].equal” to “1” (Means Pir Status ON)
That means that when the property “Pir Status” is “1”, we will display all the properties “config.values[0].*”.


Note : As you can see, there is a real time preview with an effective device.

Go to the fourd page of the properties and set the value “config.values[1].equal” to “0” (Means Pir Status OFF)


Try to change the other properties to see what happen.

Dont forget to save your configuration when you have clicked on “OK”

3/ Go to the dashboard

Now that we have correctly configured our device, we go to the dashboard…
And magic, our panel is there…