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Hi K.Rens,

Thanks for your informations.
Some questions about that :

You’re right, my Zwave mesh is a bit wide.. I have plugs and repeater.

I already try to reset my config, but it only finds nodes that it finds on the first association.. It seems that there is never a new mesh in the log file (Always the same node’s neighbors).

I need to be closed to the usb Zwave adaptator to associate my differents Zwave products, and after that, I put them in my home, and do a reset config. It always keep old network, never new associations… And after that, some nodes are ‘dead’..Anyway.. I don’t know if I have all understood 😉

Just to talk about blocky. If it refreshes rules only one time by minute, my swiid switch can’t have the message before this delay (one minute minimum) no ? Between this lap, the order is in the queue I thing…
For example, if my sensor is ‘true’ at 9:40:15 PM, the order is only sent at 9:41:00 PM, 45 seconds after no ?And sometime my sensor goes back to ‘false’ before the blocky scene order…(And of course.. the network latency after all that)..
Is it possible to refresh more quickly ? To avoid to wait this minute ??

I continue to work on this !!