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    Hi, great product! Successfully installed ZME_UZB1 on Synology. But no zwave devices are being found automatically and I could not find any guides on how to do it. Any suggestions?

    I tried Services/Zwave/Controller commands/Add device and the wheel starts spinning with the text “You can now interact with your device” but then nothing seems to happen.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    You can find a tuto here :

    I said : ”
    Then follow the user guide of your device to include it.
    Once it’s done, you will have a message to tell you that your device is correctly included.
    If it’s not the case, do this procedure again.

    So you have to interact with your device to include it to your controller.
    Generally by clicking 3 times on the include button.
    Just check the manual of your device to be sure.


    Thank you! I tried again and it worked for a brand new device, but not for two devices in my existing zwave network (Merten plug-in dimmer from 2008). I obviously have to do some further research on this. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    You can investigate the file /web/PulseStation/data/zwcfg*.xml

    It’s the xml file provide by OpenZwave. Just check if you find all your device in it.
    If you dont find your devices, it means that they are not linked to your controller.

4 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 4 (van in totaal 4)
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