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    Currently, the only way for directly manipulating (virtual and other) values in the dashboard I found, is to use virtual LOV and handle the events in blockly. Is it possible to add a panel for directly modifying values by editing (typing new value) or via up and down button for increase/decrease? That would be really great!


    I can create every panel you want 😉

    But can you give me a use case ?
    I suppose it’s for your danfoss ?

    If yes, I can create the panel for it…


    Hi Mika,

    thanks for your very fast answers!
    My use case is as follows:
    I want to be able to set (increase / decrease) the temperature for one or all my danfoss thermostats via smartphone. Currently this is not supported by ImperiHome, so I use panels.
    Since the thermostats only talk to the controller default every 300 sec (min. every 60s), it doesn’t make sense to directly edit the temperatures. Instead I use a virtual value (and a virtual lov) to define the new set point temperature which also will be immediately displayed. The set point then is taken over by the thermostats during their next communication with the controller.

    As I said, everything works fine except for the very slow reaction on clicking the lov panel until the dashboard is updated with the new value for the virtual value (changed in blockly). It would be great to have an integrated panel for directly manipulating virtual values including an event, which informs about the change (for reacting in blockly on it).

    BTW.: You said, you cannot update the panels that often because of performance. Is it possible to enable the user to define the update interval?


    I understand what you try to do…You want a panel to combine 2 differents types of devices.

    What you have done is the good way.
    To increase the refresh, you have to go under “Administration > Dashboard > Panels”.
    Edit the “Simple Value Panel” for you “Virtual Value”, go to the “Customisation” Tab.
    Edit the property “config.timeout”, set id to “1” and “Save”.
    Normally the device will be refreshed every second on your dashboard.

    I can create a specific panel for your danfoss to set the value manually but it will not be syncronise. I have to investigate a little bit more.

    Just extra questions :

    * What kind of NAS do you have ?
    * What do you mean by slow ? 1, 2, 3, 5,… seconds ?


    Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll continue to play with the settings in order to get a more responsive dashboard. In the local network (with your suggested settings for the simple value panel) it takes between 2-3sec before the value is updated in UI after clicking on the lov panel. If I am connected from outside (via 4G mobile network and VPN) it takes at least 10 sec but often even more. Other websites (also one hosted on the same Synology) are still pretty responsive in VPN but I can see there is a lot of data traffic created when displaying my dashboard (10kB to 100kB per sec).
    I have a Synology DS 115.


    Your delay are for me “correct”.
    By default, the panel is refresh every “5” seconds what seems correpsond to your 2-3 sec.

    When you are on 4G, it’s by default slower so 10sec seems logic(regarding the default value) but I admit a little too much!

    For the data traffic, I need to investigate, I already see that.
    I have to focus on that, not for the next release but probably the next one.

    For your DS115, you can use the property “use_stack” in the core service. Set it to “Y”.
    It will manage your messages via a queue mechanism. Maybe it’ll increase your perf also.

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