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    Hi, I installed successfully pulse-station om my Synology 213j with Vision USB Stick Z-Wave plus. Fibaro Door Sensor was recognized and Sensor state has been correct shown on the dashboard. Then I’ve added also Greenwave PowerNode NS310-F. Also no problem with inclusion, status and control over the dashboard.

    Then I tried to add a scene to switch on the Greenwave PowerNode as soon the door sensor is off and vice versa. The scene is actuated one time (Greenwave PowerNode has been switched on).

    After that the Fibaro Door Sensor state is always “on” (door opened) not depending on the magnet position. I see that the LED blinks each time when I touch/remove the magnet from the Sensor body. That means the magnet sensor recognizes changing of the magnet position. The question is why the state is not recognized by the controller?


    I’ve fixed: found that the association for the input IN1 to the controller was not set per default (by inclusion) and my changes of the association needs some time (even I tried to revive the door sensor before).
    So, I learned that I need more patience by configuring z-wave :).


    Indeed, that’s the correct answer. 🙂

    Kind regards,

3 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 3 (van in totaal 3)
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