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    Note for Window/Door Sensor AEOTEC ZW112:
    in the latest zwave update 1.3.13 there is a difference in the default parameter “Report Type to Send”:
    Old: “Basic Set and Sensor Binary Report”
    New: “Basic Set”
    Symptome: Open/Close Report isn`t send anymore
    Help: Wake up the sensor (>3 seconds pressing the B-Button; LED blinks yellow) and chance the parameter to “Basic Set and Sensor Binary Report” in Pulse-Station

    Miss LauraMiss Laura

    Great, thank you for sharing!

    Have fun,


    But finally I changed back to the doorwindow.xml and changed in the manufacturer_specific.xml:
    <Product type=”0002″ id=”0070″ name=”ZW112 Door Window Sensor 6″ config=”aeotec/doorwindow.xml” />

    The status was not reported correctly 🙁
    Now it works again 🙂

3 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 3 (van in totaal 3)
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