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    I’m try to change yahoo weather parameters, city etc or delete a device but nothing is done.
    In core logs I found this:

    2016-07-19 09:27:06.593 yweather : Message received – 1|HUB|yweather|DELETE|yweather-1|1468913226343|c78cf780ffa259d89d0858cf3f4058cf
    2016-07-19 09:27:06.685 Message In Core : 9|c78cf780ffa259d89d0858cf3f4058cf|3|database|HUB|3|DATABASE_CONNECTION_FAILED

    I’ve checked in phpmyadmin but I can’t find a DB for PulseStation.
    Which DB is concerned?

    Miss Laura

    If you cannot find a database for PulseStation (called PulseStationDB), then:
    1) Either you didn’t enter the correct credentials in the database service
    2) Or you are on DSM 6 and you didn’t follow the installation instructions.
    If you run the command:
    php -m
    then “mysql” should be in this list.
    If it is not, then PulseStation cannot communicate with the database.

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    Have fun,


    Mysql is in the list when I do “php -m”.
    backup service is OK, didn’t it use DB?
    yahoo weather parameters seems to be stored in PulseStation/data/yweather.json
    this file is 777 but does not seem to be changed when I edit yweather properties.
    it is changed only when I add a yweather device.

    Miss Laura

    Poke me in live chat in the evenings, may be easier to investigate 🙂

    Have fun,


    What time is evening for you? I’m in France 😀
    i manage to change the city of my yahoo weather:
    -I edited manualy yweather.json and change the city
    -I set rights to 777
    -I restart yahoo weather service

    now the weather seem to refresh every 20min as define conf.

    Just the sunrise at 1AM issue remains (Koen found a workaround, but he did published it yet https://www.pulse-station.com/fr/forums/topic/yahoo-weather-sunset-is-false/)


    I finished several critical projects, so I hope me and Laura can now really start pushing out all those great updates you have been waiting for.
    Just hope we won’t break anything. 😉

    For yahoo weather we still need to write some code to add new parameters in the config, as otherwise it will break imperihome.
    Or how changing one small piece can have huge consequences to other services…

    Fyi: we are from Belgium, so same timezone.

    Kind regards,



    I just update yweather, and still have the json update issue, just as before.
    I can create yweather devices, but can’t delete them nor change weather city parameter.
    I tried 777 acces on the json file but no change.
    I have this issue since long now, add hoped that the update will save me, but not 🙁 .
    any idea?

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