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    you might recall the problems I am having to get a reliable configuration for my small set of fibaro device.

    I have spent some more time testing and observing. I get the impresion that my devices are not being detected in a proper way. It seems to me that PulseStation keeps additional information on device specific properties and variables in the folder \PulseStation\services\zwave\config and copies the relevant xml sections (mainly command class id 112 “Configuration”) to the zwave config file (zwcfg_xxxxxxxx.xml) in folder \PulseStation\data. This way it is assured that all available setting can be made through the PulstStation administration console.

    For two of the three device types I am currently using, this procedure is continuously failing. For the Fibaro Smoke Sensors and Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212 it doesn’t work. The aforementioned xml-File doesn’t show the proper configuration items, thus most settings of the devices cannot be amended.

    The relay switch Type FGS-212 doesn’t even exist in \PulseStation\services\zwave\config\Fibaro – only for FGS-211 a file exists. Sso that is a possible explanation why this device type is not correctly identified. This leads to my first problem: The switch automatically controls my roller shuttes. If I could modify all FIbaro specific settings, I could do something about it. This way – I am helplessly lost. I could only remove the hardware.

    For the Smoke Sensors there is a config file in \PulseStation\services\zwave\config\Fibaro that looks perfectly appropriate: fgsd002.xml. But the configuration is not transferred into the main zwave configuration file (zwcfg_xxxxxxxx.xml).

    If you look into this, find a suitable remedy or tell me how to fix this I would be very happy. Please advice.



    Could you check your mails/spams ?
    I send you mail directly with a request…


    I just have – no email from you?!


    Hey, I still haven’t received any mails from you. Here is the log entry that confirms my suspicion:

    Relay Switch:
    2015-10-21 22:38:42.653 Info, Node005, Received manufacturer specific report from node 5: Manufacturer=FIBARO System, Product=Unknown: type=0402, id=1002

    Roller Shutter:
    2015-10-21 23:01:33.240 Info, Node011, Opening config param file /volume1/web/PulseStation/services/core/../zwave/config/fibaro/fgrm222.xml
    2015-10-21 23:01:33.244 Info, Node011, Received manufacturer specific report from node 11: Manufacturer=FIBARO System, Product=FGRM222 Roller Shutter Controller 2


    I’ve asked Mika to resend the mail.
    If you have not received anything in 2 days, reply here and I will contact you personally.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The mail contains the request to join our beta testing group.
    This one is using the latest openzwave protocol, which has a lot of improvements.
    At my side a lot of parameters are working better and are clearer.

    Kind regards,

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