IFTTT Service and SMS

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We just added a new service to PulseStation: IFTTT

It allows you to use the Maker channel of IFTTT,
allowing you to control an enormous amount of devices and
offers possibilities to interact directly with IFTTT.

Here is a simple example about how to send me an SMS using this service.

In PulseStation

Install the service.

Fill in the ifttt_key, you can retrieve it on the ifttt.com site when you connect to the channel Maker.


Add a new device and edit it.

Fill in all the event name, let’s say “sms”.



Create a new recipe.
Select “Maker” as the “this”.
Set the event to “sms”. It should be the same as you give in PulseStation.

Select “SMS” as the “that”.

Save your recipe.


To test

To test you recipe, return to the device created in PulseStation and click on the button “ifttt.run”.
Normally you should receive the sms!

Eventually you can specify a value for the other parameters in PulseStation and use it in your sms.

Note : IFTTT allows up to 100 sms per month


If you want to use that device in Blockly. Simply use the following block :


You can eventually set the other parameter if you want to use it in your sms.

And next…
You can create new trigger to interact with your HUE, Netatmo, etc.
You can also interact with PulseStation from an existing channel.