The Pulse Station plugins’s store

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A store is available within Pulse Station.


This store contains differents plugins :

  • Services
  • Panels
  • Themes
  • Menus
  • Blockly’s templates

The services are the main part of PulseStation.
A service defines a functionnality that can be used by PulseStation(Zwave, EnOcean, Scene, etc).
Every service can talk to each other via a standardised message.

Here are some services that we already defined :

  • Core : It’s the most important service, it’s the only one that must be running
  • Zwave : Use the OpenZwave library to manage zwave’s devices
  • EnOcean : Manage EnOcean’s devices
  • Virtual Devices : Allow you to add some virtual devices like Binary Switch, URL, etc
  • Scene : Manage the scenes created via Blockly. Check if a scene must run, run a scene based on an event, etc

We can create a service for everything without the need to update the software.

A panel is a representative visualisation of a device.
For example, we created a Binary Switch panel to display a property that can contains 2 values.
The simple example is a binary switch which can be true or false.
The panel is customisable, that means that you can configure what are the values “true/false”. It can be “1/0” or “home/away”, etc.
Every panel has it’s own configuration…

Every users defined in Pulse Station can set a theme for his dashboard.

A functionnality that is not really used for the moment but I think that she can be usefull in the future.
We can define some extra menus for the user’s dashboard.
These menus are opened in a popup and can contain everything you want (eg : graphics, overview of the battery’s devices, etc).

I defined a new functionnality in Blockly : Templates.
A template is a group of blocks that you can reuse in every scene.
You can create your own templates and if you think you have created a good one, we can share it on the store to other users.