The virtual devices’s service

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The virtual devices’s service contains a set of devices that can help you to manage your home.

For the moment, we define 7 types of virtual device :

  • 4 Digits
  • Binary Switch
  • URL
  • Ping
  • Camera
  • Value
  • LOV

4 Digits
It’s possible that you want execute some actions after entering a pin code.
If that’s the case, this device will help you.

You can define a pin code and execute a scene for “arming” or “disarming”.
Instead of using the scene option, you could alternatively also set-up some rules using blocky.

Binary Switch
It’s a simple binary switch that can be used to define a state (eg : Receive Notification -> true/false)

Maybe you have an IPX800 and you want interact with it through PulseStation.
This device will do that. You just have to specify the url to call.

If you want to know if a device is correctly connected to your network, you can use the Ping device.
When a device is connected or disconnected, it will send you an event that can be used in blockly to directly do an action.

A typical example : You ping the ip of your smartphone, once he detects that you are home we disarm the alarm.

If you have an IpCamera, you can register it so the stream can be displayed on the dashboard.

Maybe you want to store general value for your home. You can use this device to store that.

You can define up to 4 differents values. Each time you change the selected value, an event is send so you can manage it via Blockly. A simple example is for a thermostat or an alarm.

One big remark :

Here I describe the functionnality of each device. But If you want to show them on your dashboard, you have to define a panel for each of them (See : How To : Define a panel).
The panel is a powerfull functionnality, with which you can easily determine the appearance of a property.

Here is a possible overview of a Binary Switch and a Ping (the device in the middle is a scene):