First steps: configure services

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Now that PulseStation is running, you will want to add functionality to it.

Log into the administration panel (http://IP/PulseStation/administration/)
login: admin
password: admin
and navigate to the Add-ons.

Inside the Add-ons page, install the services you would like to use.
Eg: Zwave, EnOcean, …

A service allows you to talk to devices, read the current weather, …
It does all the backend work for you.
You do not need to install services you do not need, eg: Don’t install the Sonos service if you don’t own a Sonos device.
Every service puts extra load on your hardware.

After installation of the services you would like to use, configure them under the Services menu.
If there is a “Serial port” field inside, please lookup which port the USB device is using.
For this, see the question “How do I know my USB key is detected” in this page