The Nodon remote control is a nicely designed small remote control.
It’s very flexible and allows you to control anything in your home automation system.



It’s quite easy to set it up with PulseStation:nodon-soft-remote-colors

1) Associate the Nodon

Associate the Nodon like any other device.
More information here.

2) Configure the Nodon

Set the parameter “Scene Type” to “Scene Activation”.

Check also in the association tab that under “Lifeline” your device is associated to your controller (zwave-1).

3) Create scene’s telling which button, longpress or other action does what

If your device is correctly recognized, you can use the event generated by the zwave service to create a scene.


As you can see, you can select the right event depending of which button you click.

Note : You can find more info about the event triggered in the core’s service log and in the zwave’s service log.