Control domotica by SMS

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Did you know you can control your domotica by sending an SMS message to it?

send an sms with contents “Alarm” will enable your alarm system.

Currently you can control any device via by just sending an SMS to our number: +32 460 20 06 65

This is however a Belgian number.
It means you will pay roaming costs for this SMS message.

We however want to support your country as well, so that everybody in your country can enjoy sending local SMS messages to their domotica system.
The cost for us is 4,99 per country for 2 months.
So help yourself and your entire country.

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Our supporters:

Belgium: +32 460 20 06 65, thanks to Koen, till 01/01/2017
France: +33 644 633 999, thanks to Mika, till 01/01/2017
Germany: nobody
Netherlands: nodoby
United States: +19 599 999 611, thanks to Mika, till 01/01/2017
Other countries: nobody

Thank you in advance!
Note: number needs to be available for you country. Will depend on our number provider.