PulseStation Release Notes 1.2.0

A new version of PulseStation is available.

What’s new

  • Floor Plan – Use a background of your house as a dashboard
  • Support the “alpike4k” arch
  • Rewrite the installations procedure to prevent some malwares
  • Small bug fixing

How to install?

Note : Make a backup before updating your system!

Connect to your PulseStation administration panel and go to “Software Update”.
You should see an exclamation point to indicate that a new version is available.

Simply click on the update button and wait until the update finished.

Once it’s done refresh the page and update the services.
You may have to restart the core service.

Second possibility, you can update PulseStation via the package center.
In that case, it’s recommended to restart your NAS to be sure that you use that the new installation procedure is used.

What’s next

  • Finalizing the RPI installation scripts
  • Edisio Service – adding new devices
  • Rework some Blockly’s blocks to be more efficient