PulseStation Release Notes 1.3.0

PulseStation 1.3.0 is now available!

What’s new

  • Scenes : You have now the possibilities to define a “pre-scene”. This scene will be execute before every scene. It allows you to define “global” variables. IMPORTANT : You have to upgrade the scene service and “resave” all your scenes.
  • Scenes : Rework the “Periodical check”. Now we put all the scenes into one big php script. So the NAS only do one call and not x calls.
  • Zwave : Association is now available
  • Zwave : You can setup the network key directly via the Zwave’s service
  • Zwave : You can decide to enable/disable logging
  • Tour : We implemented a “step by step” tutorial to give a quick overview of PulseStation. You can disable it via the “settings” menu
  • Upgrade of Blockly
  • Upgrade of the AngularJS libs and dependencies
  • Small bugs fixing

How to install?

Note : Make a backup before updating your system!

Connect to your PulseStation administration panel and go to “Software Update”.
You should see an exclamation point to indicate that a new version is available.

Simply click on the update button and wait until the update finished.

Once it’s done refresh the page and update the services.
You may have to restart the core service.

Second possibility, you can update PulseStation via the package center.
In that case, it’s recommended to restart your NAS to be sure that you use that the new installation procedure is used.

What’s next

  • DSM6.0
  • MyPulseStation functionnalities
  • Zwave Queueing commands