Mobile Android / iOS app: Imperihome

In order to control PulseStation, you can use the Imperihome mobile app.


1) Inside the PulseStation administration panel, go to the store and install the Imperihome service.

2) Once it’s installed, install the Imperihome app.
There is a free version of the app available in Google Play store.
Note: the Imperihome iOS app will be launched in the coming weeks. It’s currently being tested.

3) Go to settings inside the app, open “My systems”, tap on “Add a new system”, choose for the “Imperihome Standard System”.
Fill in following url: http://IP:4070 (replace IP with the IP of your PulseStation server).
Also provide the login and password from PulseStation.

4) Press next and verify the system was detected. If not: open TCP port 4070 in your firewall (needed on Synology for instance).

You are now set to control your house from your mobile phone