Talk to me: “Tell me the weather” or “Welcome home” via speech (tts)

If you have a Sonos or Imperihome app device, you can use them to make your home talk to you.speaker tts home automation

– Say a welcome home message
– Announce the weather every morning at 8 o’clock
– Scare away thieves by talking to them

Below we’ll describe a simple scene that announces the weather every morning at 8 o’clock:

Option 1: using Sonos

1/ Configure the Sonos’s device

Once you have installed the Sonos’s service, add a Sonos’s device.

Complete the following parameters :

  • sonos.ip – The ip of your Sonos
  • sonos.tts.lang – The language of the text, we use the google translate functionnality
  • sonos.tts.webpath – Path to the shared folder “web” of your Synology

2/ Create a scene

Now we can create the following scene to send a message to the Sonos :


Here are the explanations :

      We verify that it’s 8 o’clock.
      We store the actual volume level
      We set the volume we want for the announcement
      We create a custom message based on the weather’s service.
      We set the volume back to the previous level

Option 2: use the imperihome TTS (text-to-speech api)

You can use the Imperihome app to talk to you.
In the example below, we will make your device say something when the alarm is turned on and motion is detected:

Imperihome TTS PulseStation

All you need to do is
1) Enable the API inside the imperihome settings (Settings / General Preferences / Integration / Enable API HTTP SERVER),
2) Change your IP in the bottom block inside blocky.
Just separate all words with %20 and it should work.