Mobile Android / iOS app

In order to control PulseStation, you can use the Imperihome mobile app.


1) Inside the PulseStation administration panel, go to the Add-ons and install the Imperihome service.

2) Once it’s installed, install the Imperihome app.
There is a free version of the app available in Google Play store.
Note: the Imperihome iOS app will be launched in the coming weeks. It’s currently being tested.

3) Go to settings inside the app, open “My systems”, tap on “Add a new system”, choose for the “Imperihome Standard System”.
Fill in following url: http://IP:4070 (replace IP with the IP of your PulseStation server).
Also provide the login and password from PulseStation.

4) Press next and verify the system was detected. If not: open TCP port 4070 in your firewall (needed on Synology for instance).

You are now set to control your house from your mobile phone