Battery powered device not properly recognized

Certain battery powered devices cannot immediately be recognized properly.
Symptoms: properties are missing, device is recognized as wrong type, parameters are empty, temperature missing, …

Sample devices having these kind of issues:
Fibaro motion, temperature and light sensor FGMS-001
Fibaro smoke sensor

How to resolve this?

  1. Try pressing the button three times very quickly after eachother, wait 2 minutes and do this again. Do this +/- 5 times.
    This will wake up the device and hopefully make it sync.
  2. Try in administration panel under services / zwave / controller commands to “Clear config files”, then do step 1 after 5 minutes.
  3. Try waiting up to 24 hours for the device to synch itself
  4. If it then still doesn’t work, exclude the device, reset it (see manual of your battery powered device) and then include it again. Then repeat from step 1.

For us this always worked…
Note: if it’s a brand new device that has been launched only recently, maybe it’s not supported yet. Just ask in the forum.