Control devices calling a url

You can also trigger devices and scenes by just calling a url.
Eg: use NFC retag on Android to trigger a Tasker task that calls a url to toggle a light on and off.

For Z-wave devices: http://your.local.ip.x:4020/message=1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-4|37-user-bool-1-0|true
For Scenes: http://your.local.ip.x:4020/message=1|HUB|scene|RUN|Toggle-lights.xml
But you can control anything:
just run a command manually from within the front-end dashboard, look inside the Core service log file and there you can find what to put behind the message= field.

In order to control devices remotely, not from within you local network, you will need to provide the username and password.
Note: replace username and password with the actual user login and password.
We recommend creating a new user that has limited access rights if you use external calls with the password in the url.