Debugging the core and all services

When something is not working as it should inside PulseStation, you can start here.

When is this message useful
– core does not start,
– scene does not run,
– service does not start

This message is not useful when
– You can’t control your z-wave devices => you need to check the logs inside the z-wave service.
If it states something as “Error code 13”, then PulseStation cannot access your usb key.
You need to do a chmod 777 on it.

The explanation

We want to debug PulseStation.
1) Open a ssh terminal
2) You can start it by going into the directory where PulseStation is installed, eg: cd /volume1/web/PulseStation
3) Then start the core service: ./services/core/core
4) The core will start and it will normally start all other services.
Now you can see all details from PulseStation and all error messages will appear here.
Don’t worry if you don’t understand them.
There will be a lot of lines here.
5) If it’s action related, eg running a scene, now is the time to trigger the scene to run.
You will see in the debug terminal what is happening behind the scenes.

Last advice
– Do not put all services on auto-restart: yes.
It will be much easier to find issues when only the service is running that is having an issue (eg: core + scene service)