How to create advanced blocky rules

In the administration panel of PulseStation you click in the left menu on “Blocky”.

You will now get a page with a lot of tabs on the left.
In here you can drag and drop to create your rules.

A blocky rule almost always starts with an IF-DO statement.
You can find it under “Control”.

Try creating a simple rule:
IF the time is 17:00
DO turn the light on

Under “Control”, drag in the IF-DO block.
From under Util, drag in the “Time 0 : 0” block, put it next to the IF, so that the blocks stick together. Now modify the time to 17:00
From under Zwave, select the Blue ribbon, drag it next to the DO statement, so that they click together.
Select the device in the dropdown you want to turn on (switch to “True”).
Press the “Save” button and give it a name.

Note: if you don’t see the Zwave tab, you have not installed it. You can also select a different device type, like EnOcean.
The blue blocks can be used in the DO statement.