How to install on Synology NAS

PulseStation is only working on DSM 5 or newer.

1) Set the trust level to “Any Publisher” in Package Center.

2) Add the following repo in package center :

3) Install the package “MariaDB” (used to store your virtual devices and device configuration) and the package “Webstation”.
Inside the Webstation settings, tick following boxes as additional modules to be loaded:
Zip, openssl, mysql, pdo_mysql and curl

4) Activate Mysql inside the webstation settings.

5) Install the package PulseStation under “Community”
There is no need to start the package from within Synology center. It will then show as if it’s not running, but in fact it is, just open the link below:

6) Now you can open PulseStation in your browser:
Front-end: http://IP-OF-YOUR-SYNOLOGY/PulseStation/
Admin: http://IP-OF-YOUR-SYNOLOGY/PulseStation/administration/

You can now login with following credentials:
Login: admin
Password: admin
Don’t forget to modify the default password in the Users page after logging in.  

Note: if you cannot access PulseStation now, it could be your router is blocking it.
You can try adding an extra http port in your synology configration: webservices / tick the box to add an extra http port and add a new port, eg: 5020.
Don’t forget to open this port then as well in your synology firewall and router.
The new url would then be: http://IP-OF-YOUR-SYNOLOGY:5020/PulseStation/administration/


  • Are you on DSM 6?
    You may need to perform these DSM6 actions in order for the database to work (needed to write data correctly).
  • The service will pretend it’s not running inside DSM administration center, but it is always running in the background, no need to start/stop the package.
    If you really want to stop it, stop the core service inside PulseStation.