Install PulseStation on Ubuntu

To install PulseStation on Ubuntu, first open a terminal window or login via ssh.

Execute following commands:

1) wget
2) sudo chmod +x
3) sudo ./
4) sudo cd /var/www/html/
5) sudo mv PulseStation* /var/www
6) sudo service PulseStation start

You can now open PulseStation in your browser:

Front-end: http://IP-OF-YOUR-DEVICE/PulseStation/
Admin: http://IP-OF-YOUR-DEVICE/PulseStation/administration/

You can find the IP  by entering the command “ifconfig” or by looking in the router logs or by just trying.
Usually it’s something like: 192.168.1.x
Replace x with numbers ranging from to up till about 15.

You can now login with following credentials:
Login: admin
Password: admin