Manually change a device parameter

Issue: you want to change a parameter of a device, but it’s not inside the dropdown of the standard Blocky block of that device.

Go to the parameters o
First, modify the property via the zwave service and see what happens in the log of the core service.
You should see something like this :
2015-11-16 06:10:12.650 Message In Core : 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true
2015-11-16 06:10:12.917 Forwarding message : 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true
2015-11-16 06:10:14.961 Message Finished, remove it from the stack (0|HUB|HUB|AUTORESTART)
2015-11-16 06:10:15.043 zwave : Message received – 1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true|1447650614624|447409f9bfb16fc245d3496fef722b73
2015-11-16 06:10:15.131 Message Finished, remove it from the stack (1|HUB|zwave|UPDATEPROPERTY|zwave-2|37-user-bool-1-0|true)

Then, go to your blockly scene and add a php block with the following code :
//instructions: setValue(“THE SERVICE”,”THE DEVICE ID”,”THE PROPERTY ID”,”THE VALUE”);

So put in the parameters you see in the core log.
This allows you to change any parameter via blocky.