Motion? Turn on android tablet

By default with Imperihome, the screen will stay on during the night.
This is not ideal for your screen.

We have found a solution to this.
The camera will keep on working even when the device is in standby (screen off).

Using built-in camera

  1. Download Motion Detector.
  2. Download Tasker.
  3. Download AutoStart
  4. Launch Tasker app and tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Tap PreferencesUI (at the top), uncheck Beginner Mode.
  6. Exit out of that, and tap the Vars tab at the top.
  7. Tap + and name it %DISPLAYSTATE.
  8. Go to the Profiles tab, and tap + → select EventDisplayDisplay On.
  9. Tap Back key/button. Tap New Task, name it Display On.
  10. Tap +VariablesVariable Set. Tap the pencil icon next to Name.
  11. Tap %DISPLAYSTATE and where it says To, make it 1.
  12. Repeat “step 8 to 11”, but change everything to Display Off and change step 11 from 1 to 0.
  13. Go to the Scenes tab at the top.
  14. Tap + and name it something.
  15. Hold down and drag on the dashed line and make it the size of your screen.
  16. Tap the gear icon in the upper left corner to go back.
  17. Tap on Profiles, and create a new one by using the + button.
  18. Tap on EventSystemIntent Received.
  19. You can ignore everything except where it says Action. Here you need to enter org.motion.detector.ACTION_GLOBAL_BROADCAST (caps are important).
  20. Tap the gear icon (back) in the top left corner. It will pop up with a menu.
  21. Tap New task and name it something.
  22. Within that task, tap the + again and hit SceneShow Scene.
  23. Where it says Name, tap the magnifying glass icon (not the pencil) and tap on your scenes name.
  24. Now where it says Display As,  set it to: “Activity, Full Display, No Bar”.
  25. Scroll to the bottom and it will say if. Tap the pencil icon and select %DISPLAYSTATE.
  26. Tap the button in the middle and change it to Equals. On the right box, type 0.
  27. Tap + and do TaskWait.
  28. Change MS to somewhere between 25 to 100.
  29. Tap +SceneDestroy Scene and hit the magnifying glass icon on Name. Select your scene.
  30. Now go back to the main screen of Tasker app.
  31. Go into the Motion Detector app, and make sure it is turned off. If not, tap the blue circle.
  32. Go to the bottom and where it says Send, make sure it is On.
  33. Go back to the top and tap the blue circle again to make it turn on.
  34. Open Auto Start and make sure it says On.
  35. Tap AddShow all applicationsMotion Detector.
  36. Check “go to home screen after auto start” and change “start delay” to 5.

Also, do note that in Motion Detector there are settings you can change when Motion Detector is off.
One of the most important is Camera. If you are experiencing problems, please make sure that Camera is set to Front.

If you now start imperihome, while the motion detector is ‘On’, it will wake up the device to imperihome when motion is detected.
Note: by default it’s not great in the dark.
We recommend following changes:
Noise filter: off,
Try to increase sensor resolution and camera resolution,
If supported increase exposure compensation