Notifications on your phone: Pushover

Inside the Add-ons you can find the Pushover service.

After you install it, under services you will get a new line called “Pushover”.
Open it and click on “Add Pushover application”.
Afterwards click on the edit icon to configure it.

Inside the edit pop-up, go to the “Properties” tab.
In here, fill in your Pushover application token and user key.
This you can find on the pushover website.
You will need to create an account and add a new application.

Add a Pushover application: you can just use our details:
Name: PulseStation
Type: website
Description: Home automation
Check the box and create the application.
You will now get an application token.

Press “Ok” on PulseStation, to save the credentials inside the service.
You can now use the Pushover blocks inside Blocky.