Sleep as Android integration

It’s time to take the next step in your home automation:

  • Start coffee machine 5 minutes before alarm goes off in the morning
  • Slowly enable lights in the bedroom and hallway if it’s still dark outside
  • Start heating the house 20 minutes before the alarm goes off
  • Flash a light if I need to go to bed, so you sleep enough

All this is possible thanks to 2 great apps:

  1. Set your alarm ready inside Sleep as Android
  2. Open Tasker app
  3. Under profiles, tap on the + sign bottom right
  4. Select “Event” / “Plugin” / “Sleep” and press the edit icon next to “Configuration”
  5. Now you get a whole list of things you could use as a trigger for actions or scenes inside Pulse-Station.
  6. In this example I will turn off my lights when I start the sleep tracking, so I select “Sleep analysis started”
  7. I tap the top left back < icon
  8. Next up I want to create a new task linked to this event, so that I can actually turn of the light. I select “New Task” and give it a name.
  9. Then I am inside the task edit screen, here I press the bottom + icon to add a new action to it.
  10. I select “Net” / “HTTP Get”
  11. Now we need to enter the command we want to send to Pulse-Station to execute.
  12. This is documented here. But I will just run a scene:
  13. Under Server:Port I enter the ip running Pulse-Station, followed by the port. Eg:
  14. Under Path I enter the command to be executed, eg: message=1%7CHUB%7Cscene%7CRUN%7CLights.xml (capital sensitive)
    (The %7C is just a | character that is URL encoded. The actual message I am sending is: message=1|HUB|scene|RUN|Lights.xml )
    Note: you have to create the Blocky rule to turn off  the lights as well. In this case I have to save it as “Lights”

With this combination the sky is the limit. 🙂
Please do not hesitate to ask for help in case you are stuck on our forum.