My zwave devices are not listed

If inside the zwave service no devices are listed after including your first device,
then probably saving these devices in the config files is not working due to problems in the access rights.

Execute following command via ssh on Synology:
sudo chmod 777 -R /volume1/web/PulseStation/data/*

Execute following command via ssh on Raspberry pi:
sudo chmod 777 -R /usr/share/PulseStation/data/*

Then go to Services / Zwave / Controller commands
And click on the button “Clear config files”.
Do not click on the button to reset your usb key (do this only if all else fails).

Now your zwave service restarts and you should start seeing the devices in about 5 to 25 minutes (depending on the amount of devices).
If it doesn’t work, just repeat the steps. This has so far solved the issue for all users with this issue.